How To Get Business Owners To Support Your Brand

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How To Get Business Owners To Support Your Brand

How Get Business Owners to Support Your Brand

SEP 26, 2020

Having Business Owners Support Your Brand Is A Great Way To Grow Your Brand

Monsta Cuts is a really great barber out of Lancaster CA he creates a very unique experience for his customers.

with great music playing while you get your hair cut a great environment to be in.

How to reach out to business owners

There is a 3 step process for reaching out to business owners I will be breaking that down here.

Step 1. Ask people you know in person if they provide any goods or services to people and if they say yes ask them how do they do this.

Step 2. Ask them to checkout your products or your online store and if there is anything they would like to buy to be featured on your social media pages and on your website.

Step 3. Set up a photo shoot with the business owner and feature them using or wearing your products.

To Get The Best Cut You Need To Get A Clean Line-up That Is The First Thing Your Customer Will See

- Rich Hawes

Questions to ask the Business Owner.

You want to ask your the business owner what makes their process unique. This creates topics for your content that you will be using to grow your brand.

Also ask the business owner why they chose that product this will help you with future marketing of that product.  

Written by: The Champions Playbook LLC

We know that this post will help any business owners that are looking to grow their business with new content

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