Hosting The Champions Playbooks 1st Sponsored Haircut event with Joey Rivera

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Hosting The Champions Playbooks 1st Sponsored Haircut event with Joey Rivera

1st P4V Sponsored Haircut Event

Posted December November 2020

Jonny is shoe collector in NewYork, NY. I wanted to do something for someone that is positively impacting there community and Johnny is really uplifting his community with his shoe resale business. Joey Rivera was really excited to hook him up with this CUT.

Let Your Customers Know You Appreciate Them With A High Quality Sponsored Haircut.  

Having loyal customers is really important to building a really strong brand. and having a event to show them that you want them to be a customer for life is really important. Something else that really made this event great was that it was in the holiday season and that Joey could save his customers some money for the holidays.

Giving Back To Your Customers Is Key To Long-term Business Growth

My customers are instrumental to the growth of my business. Giving back to them is always something that I wanted to do and with the help of "The Champions Playbook LLC" and there P4V Sponsored event we were able to make that happen  - Joey Rivera -

Joey Has customers all over the state of New York NY. A lot of his customers have families that that they have wo work hard and provide for so events like this are great to let his customers know that he can help them out in times that they really need the help.


Giving back to your community and to your customers and your community is something every business owner should focus on doing. With this P4V Sponsorship event Joey  was able to accomplish this for the first time. he plans on doing a lot more events in the future and "The Champions Playbook LLC" want's to sponsor and support these events

We plan on doing 50 of these events in 2021 with Joey Rivera  his business is going to grow in incredible heights in 2021 and we are going to highlight every sponsored cut along the way. Business owners like Joey show be supported as they change the world and make an incredible positive impact on positive change.

Expert Thoughts

I want to thanks Joey Rivera for making this event possible. Letting "The Champions Playbook LLC" Sponsor one of his best customers Johnny  they showed what kind of value can be created when you work together. "The Champions Playbook LLC" will be doing many more Sponsored P4V events so make sure you are on the look out for that. And Remember as long as your improving and evolving you are a champion.

- Jay Love -

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